Traveling To Disneyland With Seniors

Elderly people or senior citizens need to go out and stay active to keep both their mind and body strong. However, they are no longer as physically able as they used to be, which puts a limit to the amount of physical activity they can engage in.

Fun visits to Disneyland is one of the simplest ways to encourage physical activity while also sharing precious moments with the family. This is a perfect destination for senior citizens who are truly kids-at-heart.

Why is Disney Perfect for Seniors?

Traveling to Disneyland with Seniors

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One of the biggest myths about Disneyland is that this place is suitable only for kids. In reality, there are plenty of things that adults and even seniors can enjoy. This is even a popular choice of vacation destination for baby boomers because it allows them to bond with their family, too. It is no wonder why families like to visit Disney World because there is something for everyone.

Magic Kingdom, for instance, is a great place for senior citizens to visit. It has a number of milder rides, such as Jungle Cruise, Walt Disney’ Carousel of Progress, or Pirates of the Caribbean that are as fun as the more exhilarating rides. Seniors may also visit The Hall of Presidents, wherein there are stage showcases that allow them to sit back, relax, and be entertained.

For a little bit of adventure, seniors can ride the Kilimanjaro Safari in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to experience plant and animal habitats first-hand. There is also a hands-on encounter with various species of animals wherein you can feed them or enjoy picture-taking with the kids or entire family.

Best Time to Visit Disneyland with Seniors

Traveling to Disneyland with Seniors

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Timing is crucial in enjoying a great Disney experience, especially since tourists flock to this world-famous theme park all-year round. The ideal time to visit is during off-peak season, which is sometime in September because this is back-to-school season. The parks are less crowded during these times of the year and allow seniors to enjoy a stress-free vacation.


You may also plan your Disney vacation to coincide with special occasions, such as Mother’s or Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, or any other individual special occasions like birthday or anniversary.

Top 8 Safety Tips for Seniors at Disneyland

  1. Always read the safety precautions listed for every ride at Disney. Take note of pre-existing medical conditions for seniors and which rides could possibly aggravate them. Always heed these warnings and do not take them lightly.
  2. Always bring the medicines prescribed to a senior. This will save you from the hassle later on, especially if you cannot find a pharmacy nearby.
  3. Keep an updated list of emergency information and contacts.
  4. Do not forget to bring the senior’s health insurance card when you go on a Disney trip.
  5. If possible, avoid traveling to Disneyland in Florida during the summer. The heat can leave the seniors vulnerable or at risk for exhaustion and other serious conditions.
  6. Locate the First Aid stations in each of the theme parks at Disney World. This will make it easier for you to find them when needed.
  7. If you are renting a car, always inform the theme park staffs ahead of time about your need to use the handicap or reserved parking space. This is a privilege that senior visitors to Disneyland could avail of.
  8. If a senior have issues with walking, especially for a long period of time (which is very likely to happen at Disney World), consider renting a wheelchair. There is no problem using a wheelchair because the park has been designed to be accessible for wheelchairs.
Traveling to Disneyland with Seniors

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Senior Discounts at Disney

Senior citizens can take advantage of special offers and discounts at Disney World. Make sure to inquire about senior discounts on tickets and vacation packages.

Here are some tips on how to go about this process:

The AAA is an authorized Disney Vacation Planner; hence, you must look for a representative to talk to about getting discounts to your trip when you plan to bring a senior. You can get discounts on tickets to the theme park, hotel & accommodations, among other things. You can also get up to 10% discount on certain restaurants, while tours will provide you with nearly 20% slash on original prices for senior guests.

There is a room-only type of reservation offered at Disney World resorts that seniors can avail of to enjoy major discounts. Anyone aged 60 and up can request for a quote via e-mail and make their reservations online.

There are also AARP discounts provided for all seniors visiting Disneyland.

Look for vacation packages to Disneyland online. There are a lot of companies that offer discounts and other promos for seniors.

Disneyland is not just for kids as seniors can have a great time at this theme park, too. But if you are traveling with a senior, it takes certain planning to ensure that they can be comfortable and enjoy their stay. This will be a special memory that your family will treasure and look back on with joy.

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