Find the Best Deal: Disneyland Florida

Disneyland Florida tickets, even when discounted, can be almost prohibitively expensive. Does that mean you need to deny yourself a trip to the Magic Kingdom? No. It merely means that you must take the time to seek out the best deals. With the advent of the Internet, many solutions are now available to complement the older and more familiar methods.

Travel Agent

Figuring the best deal for your Disney trip

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A travel agent may seem to be a quaint idea in the day of online airfare and car rentals, but a travel agent can still find some of the best deals out there. You may have plenty of experience with booking flights and cars on travel websites, but always remember the adage “Jack of all trades, master of none”. If you are willing to let another person take over the planning, consider a travel agent. The job is to book travel, day in and day out. Sitting down with a live human being is immensely helpful, particularly if you have never searched for the sorts of deals you may need to make your vacation affordable.

AAA offices are excellent places to begin. In addition to travel agents, they offer guide books by states and regions, generic maps, and the wonderful TripTik. If you are planning to drive to Disneyland Florida and possibly add a few other sites to your vacation before or after the main event, a AAA office is almost a one stop shop.

Online Travel Sites

If you don’t wish to consult with a travel agent, the well known travel sites are your best bet. Aside from flights and car rentals, many sites offer discounts when booking hotels. Staying at Disneyland Florida itself is not crucial, but it does add to the experience, both the memories and the bottom line. Before you decide where you will stay for the trip, take a look through all the offers available. You may find one acceptable to both your finances and your trip aspirations.

If staying at one of the resort hotels is not critical, still take time your time on the travel sites. Combinations of hotels, flights, and cars will be cheaper than purchasing each separately.

Trip Insurance

When planning a vacation, the last thing you wish to think about is not going after all the money and time. But, reality sometimes intervenes in ways no one wants. Think of trip insurance like any other insurance: something you hope to not need but you will be relieved to have if necessary. For less expensive trips, insurance may not be practical. But if your visit to Disney will cost thousands of dollars, which it easily could, think about it. The average cost should be about 5% of the trip’s price tag, a reasonable sum of money for the peace of mind it offers.

Finding a great deal to Disneyland Florida means taking the time to do your research, to consider all options. With the proliferation of avenues, so many more choices can be made. Really thinking about each aspect will ensure a wonderful trip that will not break the bank.


Expedia: A few of ticket packages available through Expedia

AAA: Some of the packages available through AAA

Trip Insurance: Clark Howard’s guide to trip insurance

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