Disneyland Secrets: Cheapest Time Of The Year To Visit

Dubbed as the “happiest place on Earth”, you can expect Disneyland to be flocked by tourists nearly all year round. Visitors of all ages are inspired by its magical theme and the fun excitement that you can enjoy with every visit. However, planning the timing of your visit could mean more than just the ability to explore as many attractions and rides during your visit. It could also help you save tons of money from your vacation budget.

If you are currently planning your vacation, below are some tips that you should consider.

Choosing the Best Time to Go

Disneyland Secrets: Cheapest Time of the Year to Visit

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Traveling in the off-peak season is highly recommended by travel experts for those who wanted to save on their travel expenses. On the other hand, traveling during the holidays or summer months can come at a premium since the rates for tickets and accommodations can increase with the demand. According to travel experts and counselors, Disneyland has three “seasons”: 1) value season, 2) regular season, and 3) peak season. What are differences with each season? How do you choose which of the three is ideal for visiting Disneyland?


The Value season takes place in later part of January, February, final three weeks of October, and first three weeks of both November and December. These months signal slow activity in Disneyland because it is the least crowded time of the year. Hence, this is also the least expensive time to visit.

The Regular season takes place in March, late April, May, June, and final weeks of August. Disneyland is moderately crowded during these months and is the best time to take advantage of mid-priced tickets and accommodations.

Finally, the Peak season happens during holidays (like Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving) and the months of April, July, and August. As the park can get very crowded, expect admission tickets and accommodation to get very expensive.

Disneyland Secrets: Cheapest Time of the Year to Visit

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Booking a trip to Disneyland during the off-season therefore makes a lot of practical sense. If you search hard enough, you can get up to 45% discount on full rates for accommodations or admission tickets to the park. Wherever you can get savings, make sure to grab it as it could mean hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in savings from the overall cost of your trip.


To get more savings during the off-season, read more tips below:

• Winter or hurricane season is a slow time of the year for Disneyland. During these times of the year, people rarely travel and so the demand for tickets and accommodations at California’s Disneyland considerably goes down. In an effort to make up for the lack of sales and business activity, lots of travel agencies and hotels near Disneyland are forced to rack up promos to attract tourists to buy from them.
• There are also special deals during slow months offered by travel agencies that specialize in Disneyland vacations. The terms and clauses of these deals vary from one company to another. However, these deals could come in the form of a package wherein you can avail of such as free airline tickets, or free shuttle service, perhaps. If you can get something extra for the same price, make sure to go for it.
• Look for discount offers that you qualify for. For instance, you are traveling with senior citizens, disabled person, or military personnel. These discounts are available all throughout the year, so never miss out on them.

Availing of Hotel Discounts

Aside from getting discounts on Disneyland tickets and admission to several attractions or rides, hotels also offer discounts during off-peak season. You can use the internet as a powerful tool to look for hotels offering discounts to guests who plan on visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California during months wherein the number of tourists coming in are slow. This is not an unlikely offer because hotels would rather charge their guests with lower rates than have empty rooms. In fact, some even offer packages that include airline tickets and hotel accommodations.

Disneyland Secrets: Cheapest Time of the Year to Visit

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You need to be flexible with your vacation plans. When you find something that is cheaper, make sure to accommodate that so you can increase your savings. Check as many online sites as possible to find the information you need on discounts and other deals for off-peak visits to Disneyland.


How Long to Stay

The longer you stay at Disneyland, the higher the cost of your vacation will be. Thus, you need to plan your itinerary up ahead so you can estimate how many days you should stay. Ideally, a 3-day Disneyland vacation is enough for you to see almost all of the sights and attractions or enjoy as many rides as you want. Planning your itinerary is vital in ensuring that there are no idle times during the day. After all, additional day spent at Disneyland could mean additional day you get to spend for accommodation.

Saving on your Disneyland trip is no rocket science. Ticket rates at Disneyland might not go down, but knowing about off-season promos and other discount offers of the same could mean a huge difference in setting your vacation budget.

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