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If you’re a Disney aficionado or have children, the question is not if you will visit Disneyland Florida, but when. The important question is whether or not you will leave the Magic Kingdom with any money magically remaining in your wallet. Buying your tickets at the park may be convenient, but convenience often comes at a price. If you investigate prices and possible discounts in advance, you may just lengthen your visit.

Avenues to Explore

Disney ticket prices listed at the park

Disney Ticket Prices by Joe Shlabotnik

Just as the internet has opened the market to affordable plane fares, resort and theme park tickets can be purchased at discounted rates. Many of the popular travel websites also offer tickets for activities, including Disneyland Florida. While some of the offers are geared towards the resort hotels, others are packages that lower the ticket price. If you are interested in an extended visit to the Magic Kingdom and the other parks, the Magic Your Way tickets allow you to visit multiple parks without paying separate entrance fees. Some travel websites promote tickets with free days included, so search any travel site on which you might purchase a plane ticket.

Outside of travel websites, some sites geared towards the Orlando area may have other packages. While the immediate images of Florida Disneyland are the castle and the Epcot Ball, all the parks are worth visiting. Some tickets provide a certain number of days in the main theme parks with a certain number of days in the smaller parks for less than the individual entrance fees. If purchasing tickets from a website without a well known positive reputation, check with the Better Business Bureau or search on the internet for complaints.

For those with a AAA membership, some offices offer similar tickets and packages as travel websites with the added benefit of a face-to-face explanation. An agent may also have access to a consolidated list of discounts, saving your fingers and eyes valuable time and frustration.

For military personnel and their dependants, certain discounted tickets can be found at the MWR/ITT office. While these may vary according to the base, even small savings can multiply to a large amount left in your pocket. The theme park’s site lists certain military discounts and days with lower prices.

Avenues to Avoid

As much as human beings appreciate good deals, a deal that is absolutely too good to pass up is probably one worth avoiding. Even with a discount, tickets to Disneyland Florida will still likely be at least ninety percent of the face value. If a website or a paper advertisement claims to sell tickets for fifty or sixty percent of the face value, don’t consider it. Most likely, the advertisement or website is merely a scam. Also avoid any sort internet auctions offering day passes. When issued by the theme park, they are marked as non-transferable and are technically invalid.

If a trip to Disneyland Florida is inevitable, a few hours spent searching for discounts will be rewarding. Though the percentages are low, the amount of money saved can be substantial for any person. With an eye to realistic pricing, the numerous discounts available can ease the family budget’s pain after a trip to Magic Kingdom.

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Tickets and Passes: Disneyland Florida’s website gives details of the various packages, a good spot to begin on the official site

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